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Friday Five-Star Feasts

Posted: 06 February 2017 By Black

Friday's probably your second favourite day of the week, but it's about to push up a notch in the ranks, with the introduction of our Friday Five-Star Feast.

Three courses for $47, every Friday 12pm - 2:30pm. Minimum 2 people.


CHARCUTERIE BOARD, house made chutney, sourdough
OYSTERS chilled, freshly opened, red wine vinegar and shallot dressing GF
FATTOUSH salad, tomato, sumak, purslane, crispy bread, pomegranate molasses dressing

SUCKLING PIG, crackling, celeriac, mustard dressing
LAMB shoulder, harissa, heirloom carrots

Served with a selection of sides
CHIPS garlic, parmesan and rosemary salt
SNAP PEAS, garlic, buttermilk dressing, baby chive GF
COS lettuce, anchovies, wood grilled bacon, egg dressing

CREME BRULEE, strawberry, almond crumble, coconut sorbet

Menu subject to change, please call the venue with any concerns or questions.

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